Why is Therapeutic Life Coaching better than Counselling?

It cannot be?

But I love my counselor, I have been seeing them for years!

My counselor really gets me, I get to talk about all my problems.

And there people is why Therapeutic Life Coaching is a better solution for folks that want to move on from their problems and not keep talking about them.

Are you sick of talking about all your woes? Do you want a solution and be able to leave those worries behind?
Then a Life Coaching session through a Therapeutic lens may be your answer.

Counselling and Therapy are an important offering and I would highly recommend you seek help if that is what you need.

The big difference is that in a Therapeutic Life Coaching session you get real take home tools to heal, to solve and to remind you that life is for living.

Therapeutic Life Coaching sits in the space between therapy and coaching and is designed for clients who – at most – would meet criteria for a minor diagnosis such as an adjustment disorder. The model is not designed to treat serious clinical diagnoses, but it can be used to compliment your others professional help.

A Therapeutic Life Coach, is a person who guides you to achieve goals, organise your time and helps focus you on the outcome you want to achieve.

Your traumas are resolved, the worries you had become manageable projects.

This may done by listening and then helping you to act on what you'd like different, they nurture and help you heal from your negative life experiences and set achievable goals that align with your true values.

"Annmarie's work, utilising advanced Coaching and Therapeutic techniques are grounded in solid skill development PLUS deep connection with inner intuitive wisdom, you get a session that is perhaps the single most powerful demonstration of the elegant use of high levels of skill with the various Havening Techniques® protocols, techniques from numerous other modalities and a moment-by-moment trust in the inner wisdom of both client and practitioner." T.J. Life Coach Specialist

So is Therapeutic Life Coaching better? Well check it out for yourself.

Annmarie has appointments in person (Covid 19 Restrictions Permitting) and on line. Call for a 20 minute assessment to see if this would suit.


Annmarie Beatty of Wellness Guide  is a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org