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As a Certified Therapeutic Life Coach™, Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Home School mentor, I have shared my skills with families and individuals and guided them in healing from Post Traumatic Experiences, School Traumas, childhood challenges, personal challenges and complex family dynamics, and helped individuals to reach their goals and regain that personal power.

I have had success with people who are ready to recover from the many traumas manifested in their bodies as various illnesses.


I am known for holding space with compassion and understanding of the complexities of parenting, caring for others, navigating the alternatives to conventional educational settings, alternative lifestyles, and exploring the freedom of self.

We often bring our own Trauma, known and unknown, to the family unit, and it can affect our decision making for ourselves and our children. If we heal these, we can become an authentic role model for our children and advocate for our family members no matter the situation.

Havening Technique(R) can be taught to self-administer and is one of the most powerful tools for Self-regulation and trauma recovery. Combined with other modalities, you can achieve so much more than what you may have received from other therapy or counselling.

I have studied Child Psychology, Genius Mapping, NLP, Spiral Somatics, Hypnosis and Early Childhood Development and utilises these within the Therapeutic Life Coaching Practices offered at Wellness Guide.

This is my family. Its my why!

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After travelling abroad for a number of years I returned to Australia and reconnected with my now husband. A few years later we conceived our first child whilst I was working in the Health Care sector looking after aged clients, children at risk, disengaged youth and people with disabilities.

Excited to have our first child I didn't expect my waters to break at 25 weeks gestation. I was flown to Melbourne and was told it was imperative we keep the child growing in the uterus for as long as possible for the child to have the best chance.

Wow, so as a person who sees the glass half full a majority of the time, I was convinced all will be OK. I did everything in my power to make this work. This included guided meditations 3 times a day, no TV or junk magazines and my hubby brought in real fresh food for me because Hospital food is not very nurturing, let alone nutritious.

I was lucky to have a live plant growing in my room, a lovely sarong and it was a calm little sanctuary, so much so, that I had the Doctors and medical team come and hang out.

Our beautiful baby was born in an emergency C-section at 29 weeks and 4 days gestation. She had stayed inside growing for nearly 5 weeks - this gave her a fighting chance and I am glad to say she is growing into a beautiful human!

Now, as the positive person I failed to recognise the trauma I had undergone, "She'll be right mate!" attitude and all.

It wasn't until the birth of our 2nd child that I realised how very different and traumatising an experience I had undergone. But now I had 2 babies at home. They looked like twins due to the size!

So I was way too busy to address any concerns about my own mental health! 2 kids, a hubby working long hours.

After our 3rd child, house move and career change I realised life was not as grand as I hoped.
I felt lost, I wasn't sure as to who I was anymore.
I had changed, was I meant to have changed?
Well yes!
You cannot go through life without events impacting and changing your perspective.

Luckily a dear friend referred me to a weekend course in NLP called "A touch of Magic!" And wasn't it just!
In 2.5 days, I was given take home tools to cope, cope with the stress of raising young kids, of regulating my own self so I could be that happy mum I wanted to be.
What it also highlighted was that I needed to work on myself, I needed to invest in me as an individual, I finally realised I was worth it the investment.
I knew I had to heal myself so I could bring joy and calm back into the home.

5 years + later I now offer my skills and training to other women who want to get their personal power back.
|And you do not have to do the training I did.

It is my calling, a gift to assist women heal past wounds and go forth with their life in a joyous and abundant manner.
I have a gift of identifying patterns, quickly, that no longer serve and have the training and skills to help you more forward in life in a positive and empowered way.

You are worth the time and energy. Your personal power is waiting for you.
Make a positive and empowered choice today.


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Mum of 4 & Horse Wrangler

Annmarie instilled in me the ability to forge my own key. Not only to unlock things I had left unresolved inside me, to finally have the ability to consciously navigate the right combination of which doors to close through my life and which to open.

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Byron Bay
Life Skill Educator and Business Owner.

The sceptic in me is surprised it was not as complicated and drawn out as I had imagined, I had hidden behind the idea that fixing internal damage was a huge painful process that would burden me and take years to unravel.
I felt an instant shift from my first meeting with Annmarie and could recognise small changes happen instantly.
With a new ownership of myself I reflect with pride in the person I am, not what weighed me down in the past.
Big Life Shift, and the ripples are endless.......I owe a debt of gratitude to Annmarie.
I am excited for a future of fullness.

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Michelle R
Consultant HR

Annmarie has such a comfortable presence, I felt so grateful to be in a space to feel vulnerable and safe to heal and find resolution.
Thank you.