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Therapeutic Life Coaching™

1 on 1 Goal Achieving Sessions

Sometimes in either our personal or professional lives, we need a little help!

You may need to get back on track, you could be struggling in business, maybe your life is just not working the way it should. Maybe you have a goal or dream?
Let us work together to achieve it.

You will establish your core values as the heart of your motivation. This assists to remove blockages and reluctance so they no longer hinder you.

Achieve that goal in an effortless and effective manner.

Therapeutic Life Coaching™ Workshop

Boutique Personalised 2 hr Workshop

You have a desire in your heart that you simply have to turn into your reality but have no idea where to start

You feel unsatisfied with your current reality and are ready for a change but you have no idea how you are going to allow it happen.

Let me help you create a life filled with endless positive possibilities and be the person you are destined to be.
In leadership, personal situations and within yourself - helping you create the future about which you dream.

Regaining Your Personal Power Program

3 Month Personalised Coaching

Gain clarity on who you are at your core and lose the concept of who the world has told you are up to this point.

BE your authentic self!

Explore and Recreate a blueprint of how you want your life to be, exploring every facet - in a safe and nurturing environment.

Identify the roadblocks, the hills and traverse the winding trail to activate your core beliefs and tap into your values.

Limited Spots available.

Therapeutic Life Coaching™

Get Life Coaching through a Therapeutic lens, get Therapy with Solution Orientated Coaching

How many session do you need with a counsellor and still keep having issues in your life? Or maybe you have seen a life coach and set some fabulous goals and worked towards them to only be triggered and set back in such a way that you could never trust another life coach.


"I had no expectations of this style of healing. Annmarie was focused and was listening, which allowed me to feel safe. It was incredible how quickly things came up emotionally without have to 'think' at all.
It was a relief not to be sitting talking about my story again.
The technique was visceral and immediate.
Havening assisted in the surrender and opening of 'old wounds' that the brain didn't know were there, that is hard to put into words.

The surprising thing was, you are not trying eradicate the pain or sadness or whatever, you are integrating it and accepting it. This was very powerful and ultimately healing." ~ Colleen

What is so special about my therapeutic life coaching?

  • A guiding belief that all people have the ability to heal, and the expensive experience to know that not everyone’s journey is the same
  • The flexibility to respond to each individual and their unique story utilising my skills in Hypnosis, NLP, Genius Mapping and the exceptional modality of Havening Techniques®.
  • Empowering and educating each individual to be an independent problem solver, so they can take the skills and start applying them immediately into their lives
  • Trauma relief through the ever increasing body of supporting scientific research from Havening Techniques to provide long lasting relief

Building a safe environment where you are heard, accepted and supported is my highest priority. I am here to help you change your life, your job, your internal self talk, your health. At your own pace, with empathy and care. I won’t ask you to trudge through the painful memories in order to help give you relief like a typical counseling session. My extensive variety of skills means that we don’t need to re-live the pain in order to heal from it.

So, are you ready to go from surviving to thriving? You are worth the time and effort to become the best version of you.


In my education journey, Havening was the master tool that brought everything together. Learning gentle, sensory touch that calms our entire nervous system means that we can calmly choose life long and lasting changes for ourselves. We can switch off the flight. We can change the fight to just a comment that we no longer respond to. We can use our defense system to work For us to reach our goals and dreams.

What do you get when working with me?

✔ Solutions! Relief! Empowerment! Release!

✔ You learn take home tools that are effective and simple to use.

Imagine being able to soothe yourself in minutes into a deep state of calm? Feel safe within yourself and offer that safety to others?

Reach that goal. Be successful. Take your life back. Be excited about tomorrow again.

You are worth it.

  • 1 on 1 coaching to achieve a goal - a taster and an experience where you will achieve that goal and feel awesome about it!
  • Therapeutic Life Coaching™ that does a deep dive into your goals and relieving you of any past issues that have stopped you thriving.  This workshop is considerably longer that the Goal Achieving session and you need to be willing to take on your issues so they are resolved and you thrive into the future. This is done with love, compassion and safety. All this work can be done without dragging up the painful past.
  • Embrace Your personal Power Program, 3 months coaching including fortnightly 1 on 1 meetings, phone call support on the alternative week, take home tasks and tools to practice your newly restored personal power, plus much more. This is only available to those that are ready to be their best self and a qualifying meeting is required before signing up. Please note this on application only and is limited to 1 client per quarter so you are guaranteed results.
  • Ultimate Life Package is a 12 month Boutique coaching program. Application only.

Whatever your situation, you deserve to live your best life. Let's regain your personal power and bring joy back into your life!


Therapeutic Life Coaching™


1 to 1 Goal Achieving Session

Make it happen

Where do you want to be? How is your mindset around this Goal? What needs to be there to get the result you want?

Maybe it is a goal to be more motivated. Did you know that you are already motivated? Maybe you need assistance to direct that motivation into the correct avenue to achieve any goal you set?

✔ Define your why and reach for the stars.

✔ Do you have a dream in your heart and are not sure where to start?

✔ Get help setting clear goals and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve what you want - and yes, this can be done in 1 session.

This is a 60 minute session, either in person or over video conference, that will get you clear on your goal, have easy steps to achieve it and feel awesome as well!

Set that Goal

With Coaching you get clarity around the actual goal you want to achieve and establish where you are on that road to achieving it.

We mark out achievable steps so you cannot fail.

Achieve that Goal.

After establishing your core values as the heart of your motivation, you will not only succeed in reaching this goal you will be able to apply these tools to any goal or desire you put you mind to!


Therapeutic Life Coaching™ Workshop

Boutique 1 to 1 Workshop

Ready to rid yourself of unwanted feelings that interfere with your life?
You are feeling guilty for desiring more because life looks good on the outside yet inside you are feeling nothing. Are you feeling a deep sense of disconnection with yourself as a woman?

You have a desire in your heart that you simply have to turn into your reality but have no idea where to start

You feel unsatisfied with your current reality and are ready for a change but you have no idea how you are going to allow it happen.

Maybe you are thinking you have more important things to do than follow your goals?

Imagine no longer having feelings of overwhelm, fear, shame, guilt and anger.

  • You can move towards a positive and fulfilling life.
  • Become more present and focused on what you want.
  • Get that job or promotion.
  • Become exceptionally organised and focused.
  • Enter a relationship without fear.
  • Calm yourself to calm the home.
  • Embrace parenthood with joy again!

Imagine no longer being quick to anger and be able to be present with your family, friends and work colleagues.

Experience joy and happiness without feelings of guilt.

Imagine experiencing and learning a technique that helps you excel at life.

Up to 2 hours of 1 to 1 coaching, healing and creating your designed life. Learn exercises, tools and tricks to calm yourself in seconds, rid yourself of unwanted feelings and past wounds.

Imagine never having your past interfere with you present life ever again. This is possible and if you want this, do not wait a moment longer. Book a discovery call now.
You are wonderful, deserving and so very worth it!

This is a powerful Healing and Empowerment Workshop.


GoodBye Triggers

Get rid of those triggers, those feeling you seem to have little control over.

Did you know that we may have a concealed trauma from childhood that affects us in our day to day lives?

This is what needs to be removed, with love, acceptance and empowerment, these unknown triggers that no longer serve you.
Using Havening Techniques alongside other modalities we can quickly and effectively rid you on these triggers.

Heal the past to empower the future.

Hello Happiness

Once we take care of these unwanted triggers, with love, forgiveness and acceptance we can then be fully empowered.
Set goals, embrace the present and allow the positive plans and aspirations become the norm.

Fall in love with yourself with abandonment and joy.

Lets plan for the future with confidence, joy and happiness.

Using take home tools you can set your life up to how you always dreamed it to be.



Regaining Your Personal Power Program™


Gain clarity on who you are at your core and lose the concept of who the world has told you are up to this point - BE your authentic self!

Explore and Recreate a blueprint of how you want your life to be, exploring every facet - in a safe and nurturing environment.

Identify the roadblocks, the hills and traverse the winding trail to activate your core beliefs and tap into your values.

Learn practical and effective tools to challenge and change the way you may talk to self and behave in certain situations.

Learn how to identify and communicate effectively the intentions and boundaries by which you want to live your life.

Experience more joy, love, fulfilment, pleasure, connection & play than you could have ever imagined.

  • A 3 month program designed just for you.
  • 6 tailored 1 on 1 session every fortnight.
  • Weekly phone calls/ texts or emails on the alternative week to support and keep you on track.
  • Take home tasks to heighten your experience and integrate all your learning.
  • Tips and Tools that work so you can begin to live that dream Life.

Regain your personal power to enhance your life and excel in any goals you want to achieve.

Bring back the joy of life and go from Surviving to thriving.

You are worth it!

You've Got This

These three months of coaching are designed for folk who are (almost terrifyingly) keen for life-altering transformation.

You’ll have a private coach on-call (that's me).
Fortnightly live coaching sessions; weekly touch base and accountability calls and emails.
You will be provided with evidence-based resources; fresh insights and bold feedback.

I will supply you with unwavering accountability; and ensure you achieve your goals, with understanding and care.
Fear no more, stop the pain and embrace the change you want.

It's Your Turn!

Our work together is goal-oriented and solution-focused. No more talk therapy that makes you re-live the trauma. Lets rid you of that!

Coaching that is strongly informed by Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and my intuitive skills as a facilitator which centres on your desired outcomes. We design and create the life you want and the life you deserve.

As your coach, I will help you establish effective, intrinsically motivated goals and together we will determine intelligent strategies to achieve them. I will monitor your progress and maintain your focus and I will keep you accountable in making it all happen.
As a Therapeutic Life Coach you benefit from the skills and tools to guide you past anxiety, stress or past traumas in a safe and effective manner.

Cure the past to embrace the future - pain free!

Please note that I take on only 1 client for my "Regaining Personal Power" per quarter. If this is what you are ready for, let me know!


What Other Are Saying

Annmarie has completely transformed the way I think and helped me overcome the trauma of a very sad time in my life.

As well as that after just one session, I became happier and able to think about the incident in a safe and healthier way. Thank you !!


Over the years I’ve mostly used talk based counselling to seek help. They sort of helped. But then I discovered Havening therapy. The difference! I was given tools to explore my past safely so I could acknowledge the physical manifestations of my experiences and feelings, rather than constantly going over the same old ground using words. So very liberating. 

Annmarie provides a very safe environment and is clear in explaining the work that we do together so I have genuine freedom to be all that I am in that space. Annmarie is very present and fully in the space with undivided attention. Thank you.

I continue to use the havening work that we did to manage moments when I am anxious and continue to find it relevant to maintaining strong mental health. 

Do it, you will not regret a moment!

– Jennifer

"Thanks so much Annmarie for your caring, loving and nuturing support! I always look forward to catching up and being encouraged as a mum and woman that I'm doing well." -- Kylie

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