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As a parent and a mother, you have the feeling of overwhelm and a need to juggle everything.

Your researching educational options, trying to find that perfect school.

Your child is neuro-divergent and the system is not recognising or respecting this.

You’re tired and feel like you’ve lost yourself.

You are not alone.

Every parent has doubts and confusion, and with access to so much information it can easily overwhelm and engulf you with too many options and adds to your workload.

In my intro offering you can learn a quick method to calm your system down so you can respond proactively to most situations.

Imagine a Road-map for healing and self-knowledge in preparation for living your best life, being empowered by choices with clarity and confidence.


a little about me

I started Wellness Guide in 2015 after I had commenced my personal development study on Behavioral Sciences.

I am now a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, NLP Master, Psychotherapy Trained and Home School Coach with a focus on the holistic approaches to child and personal development.

I have not stopped learning.

As a mum of 3 children I was feeling

  • lost,

  • overwhelmed,

  • stressed,

  • less than perfect

  • and on top of that - confused as to why I was experiencing these emotions. (don't get me wrong! I love being a parent!)

Why should I feel this way?

I haven’t suffered any major upheaval or trauma in my life.

My life was fab! -  but I was tired, angry, frustrated and bored at times.

I mean most parents get tired and frustrated; it was normal right?

Where my kids behaving normally?

They were fighting and really active and loud!

Surely all this behaviour was normal.


Sure, the kids behaviour may have been normal but my response was not!

Talk about overreacting!

I revisited my studies and I began to realise that we know how to heal and excel inherently but we often find ourselves responding in a less than optimal manner. (understatement)

I was Resorting back to a default programming.

Snapping at the kids, nagging absolutely everyone.


I suffered in silence: Can’t they see I’m tired, surely, they could offer to cook dinner, do the school run, help with the homework, bring the frigging laundry in!

Take the rubbish/recycling/soft plastic/compost out! Hey I’m all for respecting our planet, but come on, how many bins do we need?! Did they take it out and sort it without me telling them to?

I just wanted my day to run smoothly, as planned without falling apart.

Imagine when I realised, I COULD ASK for help?

I could get some coaching around my boundaries and be comfortable in asking for support.

Imagine having someone that can work directly with you to achieve your goals.

Clarify what is important to you and is inline with how you want to parent and raise your kids.

I healed past shame and trauma I was not aware of.

I learned to respond better and therefore be able to support the kids better.

I could see what help the kids needed.

After refining a few techniques and worked with myself to Deschool The kids calmed down because I was calm!

 Hubby stepped up!

 I didn’t fly off the handle.

 I could step away from the emotions and see what was needed.

Did I mention how my relationship with my husband improved? No need to go into detail!


I had choices!


And I was empowered to use these choices!

I get my greatest parenting insights from the inevitable ebb and flow of my own family life and from the stories other parents share with me.

Which is why I have developed a selection of packages that you may like to look at.

Send me a message if you want to see if I can help you.

Australia - 0403 440379


I didn't realise I needed help, as someone who moved a lot due to work, meeting new friends and then leaving after 2 years became harder and harder. I couldn't connect and create genuine friendships, I found I was getting depressed and didn't want to take medication. after a few sessions with Annmarie I realised it wasn't because of work, it was from childhood issues I had never healed.

FG Australian Defence Force

 I was so confused as to what to do when my child refused to go back to school, Annmarie showed me another way with Home schooling and we have been home schooling for 2 years now and my child is back! Loving life, challenging me (in a good way). But not only did Annmarie help with registering to Home school, she helped us to recover from the bullying. Worth every cent!

- A.D Home School mum & Son.

Annmarie literally saved my life! Thank you.

M.R Living with Bi Polar &  Fibromalgia