Uh- Oh! ISO Schooling is back.

In Victoria, Australia we are having a 2nd Wave of Covid-19 cases and our Government has made the decision to close some schools to students from year 10 and under for a few more weeks.

What does that mean for you as a parent?

Well, firstly, information is power.

Check with the Government website to check what you can and cannot do and who these restrictions are for. (https://education.vic.gov.au/parents/Pages/coronavirus-advice-parents.aspx)

Please do not rely on Social Media or the News for your info.

Secondly, if you are one of the families that is affected by the closures and you will be going back into ISO schooling (please do not call it Homeschooling, its nothing like Homeschooling).

If you are 1 of these families and you have a feeling of dread and uncertainty please remember the following.

You are your child's parent 1st! - You are not their teacher, do not be their teacher, be their parent. (You are a parent first)


Reflect on the positives and the negatives from your previous experience of Covid Schooling. Maybe write them down.

Now if you have many pro's and you feel ISO schooling will be good, great, keep up the good work.

But if you are seeing more negatives than positives and do not want to do ISO schooling as it was before, do something about it!

Remember you are the parent/Guardian and you have a responsibility to your child to give them a safe and secure place, now if ISO schooling is an intrusion into your home and it has an adverse effect on you and the children - DON'T do it!

At least don't do it how it was done previously.

Let your child's school know NOW that you intend on educating them as you see fit and that you will let the school know at the end of the week how it has gone, via email.


Explain how it wasn't suitable last time and you will take control of their education by following the Key Learning Areas (see Blog about Covering the KLA's with 1 activity) and reporting every week.

Take photos of your child's learning and photos of their activities and send it through.

Do not feel obliged to make your child do something that will adversely affect them.

Now assuming your school wants the best for your child, and you want the best for them, maybe approach this ISO schooling in a different manner. Let them know what you will do and do not be bullied into something that will have another detrimental affect on your child and family.

You do not need a teaching degree to impart knowledge onto your child. Kids want to learn, want to have fun and play, and play is the best way to learn.

I am sure you have resources at home, look at YouTube, Audio Books, Podcasts, Lego, Cooking etc.

So look at what the Key Learning Areas are and think about fun activities that will cover these and do that!

Why am I advocating for families to do this ISO schooling differently? Because I know it was not suitable for many, and a lot of families are now dealing with behavioural concerns, mental health issues and high anxiety.

Please reach out of you need assistance.

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