Go On, Join Us & Home-school!

Hi there

So your state has demanded that your kids are required back at school.

You are not feeling very confident about this and you are looking at your options. As you should.

From what I've heard, you don't have many options unless you have a legitimate medical reason to keep your child at home.

Maybe you've heard that the school will not send any work home if you choose to keep the kids at home, maybe they have said that your child will be marked absent from school.

So much stress and anxiety, when all you want to do is keep your kids safe, your family members safe and see what happens as we slowly open up the states after our lock down with Covid 19.

To be honest, I feel a little pissed off that some states are being heavy handed, it feels like they don't care about your kids at all.

Well I'm here to tell you that your are allowed to home school and it is a legal option in every state in Australia, you just have to register with your states regulatory body.

My suggestion is for you to go and get a medical certificate for your child for as long as possible whilst you get the details on how to register.

It can appear incredibly overwhelming at first, but reach out and ask for assistance.

Home-schoolers are a friendly bunch mostly and will love to help.

There are support groups in every state and in most towns. Check out FB.

Understand that you will have challenges, but if you've survived the lock down you'll master home schooling, because homeschooling is how you want to do it, not how you are told to do it!

So take back your power, take control of your life and join us, you wont regret it.

Stay safe. Annmarie

Annmarie from WELLNESS GUIDE mentors and coaches families in making positive and empowering decisions around the education of their children and selves.

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