Do 1 Activity and cover ALL key learning areas!

In Australia we have 8 Key Learning areas that children need to be educated under, whether that is in a formal setting or in Home Education, States may have variations on this.

This is them:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Arts

  • Technologies

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Science

  • Languages

Did you know that you can cover all these subjects in 1 activity, and you can delve as deep as you like or brush over the subject briefly.

You can actually cover most of these in almost every day experience. It's what I do as a Home Educator.

Now you may groan or love this idea, but it can be as difficult or as hard as you like.

Difficulty will depend on a few factors, ages of the children, your skill level and the ingredients and tools available.

So I will pick an easy and much loved favourite in our home : PIZZA

English: Pick a recipe, look through cook book or on line, if your child is not reading, then you read this out loud to them. I'd suggest you get them to write down the ingredients required.

Check if you have all the ingredients, if not, write a shopping list and if you cannot access shops to purchase, look at replacing ingredients with what you have, or pick a recipe that you can make.

Mathematics: If you have to shop for the ingredients then you can get the children to price everything.

This is a fun part, get the kids to measure out the ingredients. You can make this more challenging by only offering 1 style of measuring cup and scales etc. When you cut it up you can do fractions too!

Humanities & Social Sciences

(This actually covers 5 subjects)

Discuss with the kids where Pizza Originated (History), ask them where in the World that is (Geography), Name as many Franchise Pizza outlets (Economics & Business), discuss the cost of making your own pizza vs what the cost of a Restaurant Pizza is.

How did Pizza get introduced into Australia? (Diversity, Immigration etc) These are the chats you can have whilst making the dough, cutting up the toppings or eating it!

The Arts, now you may be thinking, what the hell does pizza have to do with the Arts. I am glad you asked, because if you listen to music whilst making your pizza you are studying the Arts, you could possibly play music from the country of origin in which your recipe came, and you can definitely use your visual artistic skill when putting the topping on your pizza. Does the country of origin have a specialist artistic style, can you name a famous artist from that country.

Technologies: Well you have to use some form of Tech to make a pizza, the oven - is it wood-fired, electric or gas? Did you use the Internet to look up the recipe, what about the scales to weigh the ingredients? Hand mix the dough or use a mixer? This is an opportunity to discuss all sorts of technological developments.

Health and Physical Education "offers experiential learning, with a curriculum that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate." This is taken from the

Cooking is experiential, you could discuss how consuming this will affect you health and if you eat the whole lot, you could go for a walk or jog afterwards.

Science, well this is an easy 1! Look kids our pizza mix is bubbling and expanding! Why

does it do that?

You could make a pizza base with no yeast and compare it

Why does cheese melt when under heat?

The mushrooms have shrunk? Why does onion taste sweet when cooked. These questions can be asked whilst cooking and you can have fun looking up the answers.

Languages, did this recipe originate in Australia? If not, where did it? What language do they speak there? Are you listening to some Italian music?

The best tip I can give you is, do not expect to have all the answers your kids will ask. Be prepared to help them research the answers, admit that you do not know and that the foundation of good education is the ability to look for the answers to your questions and to check with a variety of reliable sources.

In today's would of the internet and instant access to a myriad of resources, the best thing you can help your kids with is that you need to seek a variety of sources for information and be aware of biases.

If you enjoy yourself then the kids will too. Again you can challenge the older kids further with this sort of activity or keep it as simple as possible. From this 1 activity a lot of further activities can come from it. You do not have to cover every subject in every activity, but if you observe your children whilst playing you will begin to see how they are covering so many subjects all the time.

I hope this gives some clarity and helps with an understanding that a child will learn no matter what and that if its fun and meaningful it will stay with them.

Enjoy the pizza and stay curious!

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