How to Start Home Schooling

Updated: May 20, 2020

How to start home schooling is as easy or as hard as you make it.

There is really 2 parts to this.

1- How to tick the boxes to home school legally.

2- How to actually DO it.

So firstly, how to start home schooling and ticking the boxes for your state.

Home Schooling, which I prefer to call Home Education/World Schooling, is a legal option in Australia. Every state has different registrations requirements though.

So this is where you start.

Look up your states Home School regulations.

Have a read.

Have a mini meltdown, I did, and I live in Victoria (which until recently, was the easiest state to register in).

Just breathe. It is ok, there is support!

The government departments love their jargon, their Edu speak, or their waffle as I like to call it. (Apologies to those in the Sector).

All you need to know from them at this stage is what is required to register.

In some states, it is a form, an application to home school and then they will ask for more.

But you will have time.

So use this time to research!

Beverley Paine has a wealth of experiences, knowledge and resources.

Research as much or as little as you like, its a bottomless pit in my experience.

But firstly connect with your local HS community and if you cannot, then get onto Facebook and Join 'The Educating Parents Home-schooling and Unschooling' page.

This is for all beginners and the curious.

Upon your request to join and acceptance you will sent links to the best resources on how to begin plus more.

Kids dressing up on a Shopping expedition.

Now to the "How to actually do it".

It being the educating part.

Well here is a surprise for you.

If you did nothing, your kids would still learn, yep, you cannot stop them.

But to satisfy the government body and your registration requirements you will most probably need a plan. This is where your local group will be invaluable. They have been there and done that.

In NSW it is recommended that you have another Home Ed parent with you when you are visited by the AP (Appropriate Person), from the Department of Education.

Most of the Government Departments for Education will have templates. Be sure to look at them and then Google other options.

By connecting with experienced Home Educators you will avoid a lot of unnecessary work and heart ache.

I recommend you join HEA

'The HEA is an incorporated association that supports and provides services for Australian home educators. The HEA is run by a committee of home educators that voluntarily come together to provide direction for the association. '

As a member you have access to kits to help with registration and many discounts and support.

Next, enjoy the freedom Home Ed brings.

Reconnect with the kids, especially if you have had to remove them from school.

Do not jump into school at home.

This may work for a little while and then it usually goes pear shaped.

Allow your kids to love learning again, allow them to Shine! Home Ed gives you flexibility, lots of flexibility and have fun exploring what you all love.

Take a holiday even if its just visiting local places.

Explore your surrounds.

Visit playgrounds and discuss things that come up, like why is it called such and such?

Don't be afraid to not have the answers to the kids questions.

Rejoice in the fact your kids want to know stuff again.

It is ok if the kids ask you questions and you have absolutely no idea what the answer is.

My reply to the questions is this.

'Lets google it, or lets go find someone who can answer that for you'.


This is the best bit, you get to learn along side your kids.

They learn that not everything they see, hear or read will be accurate.

Wanted to learn to draw or paint? Do it, the kids will love the opportunity to do something with you.

How is this learning?

Well the kids learn that you never stop learning, learning can be fun.

You can cover a lot of topics by doing something fun.

What does baking a cake have to do with Home Education?

For example, you may love baking.

So bake a cake together.

Find a recipe (Literature)

Read Recipe and write out ingredients.(Literacy)

Go shopping for ingredients and have kids handle the budget and money. (Maths)

Go through check out (Technology)

Measure ingredients (Maths).

Mix and place into oven. (Chemistry/Technology)

Whilst cooking, chat about origin of the recipe. (History and Geography / Languages)

Record the cooking process, how does it look before the heat is added, whilst cooking and after it is cool enough to eat.

Enjoy your cake and rest assured that they have covered so much by doing 1 activity. Also this can cover so many year levels, which is helpful when you have numerous kids.

The best education you can give your kids is a love of learning and the ability to be a critical thinker and question everything and seek the best person or resource to answer their questions.

Maybe start a journal or diary to record all the awesome things you get up to.

I hope this helps a little to answer the 'How to Start Home-schooling?'

I have a series of Podcasts soon to be published based on the Questions around Home Schooling.

How to deal with stress and overwhelm.

Parenting and teaching.

Plus more.

Stay tuned and I would love to hear from you.

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