Holistic Coaching

1 to 1 sessions go from 60 -90 minutes.

Via online Video Conferencing or in person (Covid Restrictions Apply)

A Holistic Approach means looking at all of the different systems and how they work together. In sessions with Wellness Guide all facets of your life, past and present are explored to design a plan to live your best life. This does not mean you have to disclose and discuss all the skeletons in the closet. This work can be done with out re-traumatizing the body and mind. This is solution orientated coaching to help you transform your life to one of empowerment, control and joy. Be free to enjoy your life and be resourceful to take on any challenges that come your way.

Do you want to reach your Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellness Goals?

Do you need to :

  • Resolve past trauma,

  • Gain clarity,

  • Set attainable Goals

  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress.

  • Be Empowered.

  • Be confident 

Lets connect and see if we can work together to attain your goals.

Call: 0403 440379

Value $220.00

Happy Girls

Home School Coaching

30 Min Session to gain clarity around Home Schooling

You've looked into option to educate your child or your child is struggling within the Traditional School setting.​

Book a Session with Annmarie to gain Clarity around your educational Choices.


Lets connect and see if we can work together to attain your goals.

Call: 0403 440379

Value $75.00

Deschool With Wellness Guide

A 5 week program designed to Accelerate your Deschooling process.

What is Deschooling?

It is an essential process to release yourself from the experience that school is the only method of learning.

It's a time in your life to decompress and shake of the control that school instills in you and your children.

Move on from the drama and negative exposure that school can have.

Resolve the school wounds and scarring.

Eliminate the negative feelings that school trauma can leave you with.

Imagine shaking off the school years and be able to see, hear and experience learning for what it truly is?

Imagine seeing your child immerse themselves in projects, tasks and activities without the anxiety of "are they doing enough".

Imagine the positive response from your child when you allocate them tasks.

Imagine the conscious debates and discussions around the current work and the motivation to excel and be better and do better.

This can be achieved, there is work to be done on self and then you can learn alongside your children to be our best selves.

The 5 week Program consists of Work Sheets where you reflect on your past experiences related to childhood and Schooling, you then receive a personal assessment of this which guides the following sessions.

This is a personal development program where you will be challenged and able to resolve old conflicts around education. Your will given tools to help you through lifes challenges and assist with reaching your own goals and those of your family.

This program is online and designed to be completed over 5 weeks.

Please contact Annmarie for the next Start date.

Value $199