I have to Home-School – Now What?

They have left me NO choice, I have to Home school!

There are so many families in a situation where they do not want to send their kids back to the bricks and mortar of the school.

During the pandemic and remote learning you may have noticed your children prefer working from home.

Or they have responded well to guidance from you as the parent, with less distraction.

Or frankly you do not want to put them back because of new rules and want to keep them home but you have no idea where to start.

That is all ok - and a little frightening too, lets face it, you may have never considered home educating your kids!

Home schooling is a valid and legal option in Australia.

But what do I do now?

If you are in Australia, click on this link on another brief blog on How To Start Homeschooling, it has the correct links to your states registering body.

Now here is 1 on the most important aspects you need to consider.

  1. Do you want to be the primary educator, the 1 to introduce new and fascinating concepts and ideas, learn alongside your kids
  2. Are you happy to have a ready made system that your children follow whilst remaining at home?

Neither is better than the other.

Most Home educating families I know do number 1 and may have started with number 2.

Some may have chosen to Home Educate years ago for a variety of reasons - from the freedom it brings, the flexibility and adaptability to meet their child and families needs, to having them learn only what the parents deem suitable.

Some are given no choice, their child has been bullied, has anxiety and stress or even illness. Maybe their child has learning challenges and the school does not know how to cope with that.

We are a vast and varied lot!

With different beliefs, values and styles of home schooling.

Consider these 2 options above because it will assist with your next step.

But no matter which way you go, you are ultimately the person responsible for your children's education and you must meet your states requirements.

It may appear easier to outsource the registration process and sign your children up to a program that promises to educate and test and set work out, but is this truly what your children need?
Especially if it is a big financial investment.

Remember a lot of families have been home educating for years prior to companies setting up programs, curriculum's, online learning platforms and so on, very successfully.

It is important to do your due diligence and seek referrals, get feedback and testimonials from people and families using these types of programs. And the most important aspect is -will it suit your child?

Once you have decided that Home schooling is now for you, I would like you to consider the Why.
What is the reason for you to Home school?
Is it the ONLY reason, or can you think of a few?

Do not rely on just 1 reason to Home school, it will set you up for failure...

The next thing to consider are your families values.

What are they and does Home schooling fit?

Are your children a part of the decision process?

How are they feeling about the changes?

Do your children get to have a say on how their Home school will work?


Why not?

As you explore this option you will discover  many varied approaches to gaining an education.

School has been the norm for a few hundred years, and prior to that life was very different and schools as we know did not exist.
This blog explores the difference between being schooled and gaining an education.

So what now?

1 - Join my Home schooling Support Program which kicks off on Feb 13th 2023 
Have these questions answered and group support from others in the same boat as yourself.

Will the children be OK?

Actually, will I be OK?

Will my partner support the decision?

What will my family & friends say?

How will I handle the kinder or school questions?

2 - Link into you local Home school communities - but do a little research before relying solely on your local community to answer all your questions.

3 - Send off your registration forms.

4 - Take a break from academic work and reconnect as a family and enjoy the transition to a wholesome, holistic approach to learning away from the confines on an institution, at least for a while.

If you are at a complete loss, please reach out as you are not alone.

I offer a Mentor program. More info on my webpage.

  • The aim of this program is for you to be comfortable and confident to Home School
  • You will be guided on where to find the accurate information.
  • Challenge you on any insecurities and provide feedback at every turn.
  • I will be the trusted advisor who will support and be your cheerleader so you become fully empowered by the choice to Home Educate.
  • What this program does not include--
    *I do not sell curriculum. (Australian Curriculum is free)
    *I do not write your applications, learning plans or registrations. (I can guide you and empower you)
    *I do not write your Home School schedule. (But I can help you create 1 based on your lifestyle....every home is different and this should reflect your individuality and needs)

Good luck.



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